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garden patio outdoor furniture

We are a local factory producing garden furniture and outdoor hanging egg swing chairs in Kayseri OSB Turkey. As a garden furniture supplier, we have years of manufacturing and supplying experience in garden patio outdoor furniture.


Our products are in high demand by wholesalers, retailers, and distributors from countries such as Germany, France, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, and Bulgaria. We send your wholesale orders to wherever you want by container or truck.


Many wholesalers and distributors think that it will always be profitable to supply products from far eastern countries. However, many of them face long delivery times and high freight costs. We are closer to European, American, Asian and African countries and marketplaces.

As a result of procurement from us, B2B sellers, wholesalers, and distributors receive their orders quickly after production and pay less freight. We highly recommend consulting your freight company on how much freight you will pay, if you supply from us, that is, from Turkey. Take advantage of this, view our hanging egg swing chair models, contact us and...

garden furniture supplier near europe

Work Gallery

Images from our work spaces and products

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